Best Caption Photo Contest!
Mar 26 @ 1:30 pm – May 18 @ 1:30 am

Okay, we can all admit it: we like to talk for our dogs at times because sometimes you can just tell what they’re thinking, and since they can’t express it, it’s up to us to fill in the blanks. Now you can put that skill to use! Send us a picture of your dog with the caption you think fits best.

Wet Dog Photo Contest
Jul 1 @ 1:30 pm – Aug 20 @ 1:30 am

Now that summer is here and we’re all looking for ways to cool down, why not let your pooch share in the fun? Send us your best wet dog photo!

Look Alike Photo Contest
Nov 6 @ 1:30 pm – Dec 10 @ 1:30 am

We’ve all noticed it — every once in a while you’ll see an owner/pup combination that makes you think “Wow. They even look the same!” Do you think you and your pup have what it takes to get this comment? Submit a photo to our Look Alike contest!