FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we find are asked more than others.  Here’s a list of some of the most popular with our answers:

Q: What are your requirements?

A: Our requirements are:

  • All dogs must be up to date on Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella, and Canine Influenza vaccinations.
  • Puppies must be at least four months of age.
  • Males over eight months must be neutered

Q: How do I get my dog started?

A: We do not require reservations for daycare or boarding.  You’re welcome to drop your dog off whenever we’re open!  To get your dog started we will have you fill out a quick New Dog Intake Sheet that usually takes about five minutes.  We will also need to verify your dogs vaccinations before they can play.  You are welcome to stop by before your dogs first day to get the paperwork done, but it isn’t necessary.

Q: Where will my dog play?

A: We have an acre of land here divided into four yards.  All of our yards have special dog playground equipment (such as a pirate ship, pyramids, and a clubhouse!) and pools in the summer months. Fresh water and shade are always available.

Q: Who will my dog play with?

A: Your dog’s group is decided based on size and temperament. All play groups are supervised.  Every dog is different and some dogs may take longer to adjust to playing in a group environment.  At Gulliver’s every dog’s introduction is customized with the dog’s safety and comfort in mind.  We will observe your pup for any signs of discomfort or nervousness.  After your dog has had a chance to acclimate to the new environment, we will introduce him/her to a few calm friendly dogs.  If that goes well we will introduce him/her to one of our main groups.  If they don’t seem completely comfortable we will back up, give them more time, and try again later.  We encourage owners to call as many times as they would like to check on their dog’s progress. Examples of our groups are:

  • The Little Guys: Our smaller breed dogs who play in a yard built especially for them.
  • The Goofy Group: Our special collection of outgoing, energetic, and usually adolescent dogs.
  • The Big Yard: Our mature dogs who appreciate a more “sophisticated socialization.”
  • The Puppy Group: puppies, usually under six months
  • And smaller more individualized groups

Q: What if my dog doesn’t get along well with others?

A: Not a problem! Many dogs that don’t do well with their family around can often play at Gulliver’s without an issue.  We can work with dogs that are uncomfortable around other dogs to build up their confidence.  Feel free to call and we can let you know how your dog is doing and what kind of progress they  are making.  We do have areas where dogs can play if they do not get along well with others.  We take all kinds and are committed to working with dogs who may find social situations harder than others.

Q: Do you need to “interview” my dog before he can come and play?

A: Nope, all dogs are different.  Many take time to warm up to a new environment full of  brand new people, dogs, sights, sounds, and smells.  We give each dog time to acclimate and work into play groups at a pace they are comfortable with.  We do not pass judgment on an interview-if a dog is having trouble, we will let you know-and we can usually work to help them enjoy daycare and eventual group play.

Q: Can you feed my dog lunch?

A: You are welcome to bring a lunch for your dog to eat midday during daycare.

Q: Do you give medications?

A: We can administer any medications (including injections) that you normally give at home.  There is NO extra charge for this.

Q: What do you do when the weather is bad?

A: When it’s uncomfortably hot or cold, groups make short frequent trips outside before returning inside.  If we have rain or snow, we will take the dogs outside if they want to go.  If they want to stay in that’s fine too! We have great inside areas with rubber matted floors, cots, air conditioning, and heat.  Anytime there is thunder or lightning all dogs come inside.

Q: Where will my dog sleep?

A: We offer several options to dogs who are boarding.  We will determine where your dog sleeps based on the needs of all our guests and where everyone is most comfortable.

  • Many dogs prefer crates.  We have two kinds, from medium to XX-Large (think Great Dane size!)  We have both plastic Vari Kennels and shiny stainless steel versions.  A crate gives many dogs a sense of security and a place to relax. Imagine spending a whole day at a busy party. At the end of the day you likely are glad for the peace and quiet of your own room where you can unwind, relax, and get uninterrupted sleep. The dogs appreciate this too! Crates come naturally to most dogs, as they simulate a den.
  • We do also have a variety of different size pens that we use for dogs that might need the open space or are more comfortable sleeping with a brother or sister.

Q: Can my dogs sleep together?

A: In most cases, yes. If we can not have them in the same crate or pen, we will be sure to keep them next to each other.  Please let us know if your dogs should not sleep together

Q: Do you have multiple dog or long-term stay discounts?

A: We do not offer discounts for multiple dogs or long term stays.  We try to keep our rates as low as possible for all of our customers

Q: Do you do tours?

A: We do not offer walk thru tours of our facility, since we strive to keep all dogs at Gulliver’s feeling secure.  We have dogs moving through the building all the time, to and from play groups, inside, outside, etc.  Some dogs are unsure of people they do not know, and this could effect their time here to play.  We do have “Parent’s Night” monthly to give folks a chance to come in and see it all from your dog’s perspective, as well as meet the staff and parents of other Gulliver’s pups.  It is possible to see the majority of our facility through the windows in our lobby.

Q: Are there any breeds you won’t take?

A: No, we take all kinds!

Q: What if my dog has special needs?

A: Whether your dog is older and needs some quiet time or has more special needs we can talk to you on a case by case basis about what is best for your dog.

Q: Reservations?

A: We do not require reservations for daycare, boarding or baths, but it is helpful for us if you call ahead during holidays, school vacation weeks, or if it’s your dogs first visit.  If your plans change you can cancel at any time, there is no cancellation fee!

Q: Do you fill up?

A: We maintain a flexible facility and have additional staff available on call as needed.  We have never had to turn dogs away!