Boarding: Sleep Like A Dog

What does my dog do during the day?

When dogs come for a ‘sleep over’, their day is much the same as our daycare dogs. Boarders are integrated into playgroups and stay with these groups any time they are not eating or resting to digest their meals (normally fed twice a day.)  Although someone does come in at night time to check on the dogs and see if anyone needs to go to the bathroom, they are unable to release dogs to owners. A dog’s day at Gulliver’s usually goes something like this:

  • Wake up and out to potty
  • Breakfast
  • Rest time
  • Out to play for the day
  • Dinner
  • Rest time
  • Play and out to potty

Where does my dog sleep?

We offer several options to dogs who are boarding.  We will determine where your dog sleeps based on the needs of all our guests and where everyone is most comfortable.

  • Many dogs prefer crates.  We have two kinds, from medium to XX-Large (think Great Dane size!)  We have both plastic Vari Kennels and stainless steel versions.  A crate gives many dogs a sense of security and a place to relax. Imagine spending a whole day at a busy party. At the end of the day you likely are glad for the peace and quiet of your own room where you can unwind, relax, and get uninterrupted sleep. The dogs appreciate this too! Crates come naturally to most dogs, as they simulate a den.
  • We also have a variety of different size pens that we use for dogs that might need the open space or are more comfortable sleeping with a brother or sister.

What do I need to bring?

We provide fleece dog blankets, Kuranda beds, toys, and dishes for all of our boarders.  This way you don’t have to pack and transport around beds and other supplies. We also find this the most sanitary for the dogs, since we can change the bedding as needed. We feed Eagle Original Dry food to our boarders. However, if your dog is on a special diet, or just prefers his own food, we are happy to feed anything you bring. We can refrigerate and heat as needed, raw diets are no problem,  and we can administer any medication that you would give at home, including injections, free of charge!

How much does boarding cost?

For your convenience, the boarding fee is charged by the number of overnights your dog is with us. We do not charge by day. You may pick up and drop off anytime during our business hours, without effecting your boarding rate. For example, you can drop your dog off Friday morning, your dog can play all Friday, spend Friday night ($36), then play Saturday and spend another night($36). You can pick up your dog anytime during business hours Sunday, your total bill for the stay would be $72.00.


Reservations are not required, but we do suggest calling ahead if it’s your dog’s first visit, or during Holidays and school vacation weeks. If your plans change you can cancel at any time, there is no cancellation fee.

My dog has special needs

We take care of any medication that you administer at home for no additional charge.  We can discuss your dog’s needs on a case by case basis to keep their best interest in mind.

Dirty Dog? No problem!

Since most dogs find that the best play often involves getting at least a bit dirty, clean up is FREE at Gulliver’s. Just let us know when you plan to pick up your pooch, and we will have them rinsed and towel dried for the ride home. If a more thorough cleansing is desired, request a bath for pick up! For just $10, we can have your dog shampooed and dry when you get here.


We accept dogs four months and older who are up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, Bordatella, and Canine Influenza vaccinations. All vaccinations must be kept current.  Males over eight months of age must be neutered.