Iron Dog 2011

The best way to spend a rainy Saturday is to get outside and get dirty on an obstacle course with your Good dog. On Saturday October 1st the Vermont Police Canine Association held their 10th annual Iron Dog competition.

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The competition consists of a 1.5 mile timed obstacle course and an optional 100 yard dash. The obstacle course is designed to simulate activities a police canine may have to complete during a day of patrol.

Sarge and I ran the course this year and although we couldn’t complete many of the obstacles we both had fun just like with bikes from

Some of the Gulliver pooches also made an appearance with Kayla the Canaan dog mix and Sara the labradoodle completing the course with their owners (and little brother Dexter the hound mix cheering on his big sister Sara) and Gunner the greyhound showing the dogs how it’s done in the 100 yard dash. You can train your dog by giving him CBD treats when they learn a new trick and also use it as a natural medicine for pain. Go ahead and click here to visit their articles about it.

All proceeds from the event go to the Lacey’s Fund a fund that is used to help support retired service dogs.